3D2N Borneo Bike Kingdom

3D2N Borneo Bike Kingdom

Price: RM 2,840RM 2,125 / person

Cross Country, Enduro, Downhill rider. Welcome to our Bike Kingdom

Located 120km from our main city Kota Kinabalu is Borneo very own Bike Park.

The place have hosted many cross country, enduro and Down Hill races. It was also featured in issue 151 Single Track Magazine

Tour Summary:

Price : RM3800/person (minimum 3 person)

Time : 3D, 2N

Distance : 1-3km technical course

Description : Steep technical climb, technical decent, rock garden (difficulty index 4-5)

Destination : Kota Kinabalu - Ranau - Kota Kinabalu

Difficulty index:

We use a simple yet clear grading system for our ride:

1 – flat with no hills

2 – some small climb no more than 10min

3 – undulating terrain with climb up to 30min

4 – technical riding skill is required with climb up to 50-60min

5 – extreme fitness and skill is required with climb above 1hour


  1. Transportation Pickup/Dropoff
  2. Uplift Truck
  3. Refreshment & Meals
  4. Ride Leaders
  5. 1st Aid
  6. Mechanic
  7. Accomondation
  8. WiFi Hotspot
  9. Sport Massage
  10. Infrared Recovery


Day 1

Destination : Kota Kinabalu - Ranau

Distance : 120km 2-3hrs drive

Description : Transfer from airport/city Centre to bike park

Day 2

Destination : kilimu Ranau

Distance : Course

Description : Full day on the track with unlimited uplift

Day 3

Destination : Ranau - Kota Kinabalu

Distance : 120km 2-3hrs drive

Description : Transfer back to airport/city Centre

END of Tour

What to bring:

  • Riding Kit
  • Sun cream
  • Personal medication
  • Personal bag will be carried in the support vehicle
  • Riding footware (clipless pedal and shoes is recommended)
  • Helmet (Compulsory)
  • Gloves
  • Sunglasses
  • Hydration Pack
  • Chamois cream
  • Camera
  • lite daily clothes
  • An adventurous spirit
  • A good level of fitness or a resilient sense of humour

Due to the nature of our booking policy it is likely that you will be booked onto one of our rides with other participants.

If you do not wish to be part of a group you should make us aware of this and we can arrange a private booking. Please note that a private booking will incur a surcharge.

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